Baby Girl

Pink Fairies and Butterflies. This mural was painted for a 1 year old girl. The walls and detail mouldings, along with the bathroom cabinet were glazed, the bed is faux finished to match the colors of the walls. The ceiling is hand painted with clouds and butterflies. The walls are sprinkled with flower fairies and cherry blossoms.

Jungle Mural

Jungle room This mural satisfies a little boy's fantasy of being surrounded by tigers and elephants. The work is all done in oil and sealed for easy cleaning. We included spiders and snakes and little boy things.

Moon and Aliens

Moon and aliens: Characters from outer space painted in oils and sealed for easy cleaning. The "Worm Man" is reading the headlines "Cody Saves Earth". The little Boy's name is Cody.

Pony Room

Pony room: The central character in this room is a pony that the Little Boy's Mom rode when she was a child. This little Boy's name was Noah which appears as a newspaper headline read by a mouse on a spool of thread.

Sewing Room

Sewing Room: This is a craft and sewing room in an attic. Warm colors and cheerful characters are found throughout the room to delight visitors working on fun projects.

Pizzeria Arcade Room

This mural was created for a Pizzeria that caters to a young audience that meets at this location as sports teams. We represented each of the sporting events to make it inviting to their clientele.

Castle in the Sky and Unicorns

Unicorns and Castles: This mural was created for a little boy who loves Unicorns and whimsical Castles in the sky. Its painted in oils and sealed with a water resistant sealer for easy cleaning.

Miscellaneous Details

Miscellaneous details: Family pets and Beatrix Potter characters painted in oils and sealed for easy cleaning. Flower Fairies: These details are parts of larger murals - painted in oils and sealed for easy cleaning.

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