Miscellaneous Finishes

Hand Painted Laundry Room Cabinets

Green Glaze Cabinets with Gold Leaf Detail

Cornice Boxes to Match Bed Frame

Clive Christian Glazed Cabinets

Clive Christian Cabinets Featured in Kitchen Trends Magazine

Troupe L;Oeil Bench

Trompe L'Oeil bench with mouse. A homeowner wanted a fun small mural in this space. It was too small for a piece of furniture or sculpture. We designed a garden bench reflecting the home's beautiful garden, we included a beautifully designed letter representing their family name that appeared sculpted on the back of the bench, and for fun we placed a little mouse on the baseboard.

Tuscan Bathroom

Stone Wall Mural This mural is a typical Trompe L'Oeil style. The stone panels are painted to look like a real relief for a guest bathroom. This mural was created to give a small bathroom the illusion of being larger.

Hawaii Home Gym Mural

Hawaiian Mural for Home Gym. This client's favorite place is Hawaii. We created a wonderful environment that would be reflected in the mirror of their gym as they workout on their treadmill.

Fantasy Entry Way

Fantasy Entry Way: This adventurous Entry Way was created for a fun youthful family. The dramatic before and after photos show how the entry doorway was painted to appear grand. Various details depicting the homeowner's favorite artist.

Laundry Room

Laundry Room: This fun mural was created using the family's personal items. They always entered their home through the laundry room, this made it a fun experience

Breakfast Nook Ceiling

Breakfast nook ceiling mural: The traditional sky ceiling with balustrade, grapes and butterflies was for a client from Italy who owns Pizzerias.

Italian Game Room Mural

Game room scene of Sicily: This client provided photographs of his hometown in Sicily. We created a mural for him that reflected his fond memories of childhood.

Western Powder Room

Farmhouse Powder room: This client lives on a horse ranch. We created a playful powder room depicting several of their personal items from their barn.

Ceiling with Olive Tree

Sky mural with olive trees: The Olive trees and painted rustic wood framing created a Mediterranean feeling.

Beach House Elevator

Beach House Elevator: This client wanted to give the elevator the illusion of being open and larger. The actual floor stops at the light tile color. The Trompe L'Oeil effect created an illusion of the floor extending out and visually doubling the size of the elevator.

Wine Room Mural

Wine room mural: This small mural sits in a niche in a Wine Room.

Ceiling Mural with Cherubs

This traditional Mediterranean style mural was created for a lady’s large bathroom ceiling.

Red Ceiling with Cherubs

Sky Mural with Cherubs: This client dislikes the color blue. She wanted a sky mural with lavenders and reds. We designed this mural together satisfying her unique vision

Jungle Mural for Museum Display

This elaborate mural was created for a private Wildlife Museum. The client later added real trees.

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